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skinnies Godly Moments Pending
Vacz Kites Pending
Wehave WTF Moments Pending
gasbill Godly Moments Pending
Bluberie Rages Pending
Eqoy Godly Moments Pending
KingSpooked Kites Pending
seaks Trap Pending
Elox Godly Moments Pending
FromHitlerToGod Godly Moments Pending
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As you guys probably know, this is my website for submitting clips for my Top Hcf series on my YouTube Channel. I have produced over 75 "Top Hcf" videos in the past 6 months with around 2 million views spread across all of them. These videos contain highlights & fails within the gamemode "Hardcore Factions" on Minecraft. Over the past few months I have made the videos better in quality & entertainment, and would potentially like to expand into other Minecraft gamemodes. This website has been created for ease of submitting clips and a cool way to see if your clip has been accepted or denied.
Do you accept every clip?
Every clip is reviewed, however only selected ones are used in my videos.
How do I access my profile?
Your profile can be found by using the navigation bar and searching either your in-game name, the alternative name used when submitting a clip or your Channel URL.
How do I edit my profile?
Your profile is updated automatically through submitting a clip. Your information used will be made into a profile, a long with your head (If an in-game name is provided) and a split between accepting/denied & pending clips.
Where can I contact you?
My social media links are on the left side of every page on this website.
It's not allowing me to submit a clip. Help!
Any clips that are for some reason unable to be submitted can be submitted through my email.
Do you allow clips through other formats, such as Twitch?
No, I am unable to download these clips. I do make exceptions if the clip is insane. The clip can therefore be sent through my email.